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Dyno & Tuning



CFT Shop is equipped with a Mustang MD-AWD-500 Dynamometer the most advanced technology on the market in addition with wide band oxygen sensor and data logging, supporting all variations of FWD, RWD and AWD vehicles with the highest level of precision and repeatability in the industry. The Mustang Dyno’s low inertia design has the ability to place an rpm by rpm “load” on the engine in order to adjust the correct air/fuel ratio and timing resulting in a perfect tune. Having on hand one of the best and most experienced tuner in the race and high-performance fields as Rolando “Rolo” Lopez and such an advanced equipment Central Florida Turbo ensures taking your vehicle to it’s full potential on a professional level.


Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

-2 FWD/RWD pulls $60
-2 AWD pulls $75
-FWD/RWD per hour $75
-AWD per hour $100


DYNO & TUNING Flat Rates for standalone ems starts @ $495 (Flat rate tuning will only apply for those cars that got built by CFT Shop)


- AEM EMS(V1,V2 AND Infinity)
- EMS Stinger , Motorsports
-Big Stuff



Hondata , K-PRO , FLASHPRO (John Wick Tuning)

 ECTUNE, Crome ,KTUNER (John Wick tuning)


----C.F.T. Shop tunes ----

OTHER ECU’s, Piggy Back, ReFlash tuning rates :
-Chrome starts @ $350.00
-ECU Flash starts @ $495.00
-Hondata S300, FlashPro starts @ $395.00
-Hondata KPro starts @ $450.00
-Turbo XS Utec starts @ $395.00



Open Source:






Mitsubishi by DMT Tuning

Tunes - $395.00


Dyno, Tuning & Track support packages available
Groups Dyno Days available


International tuning available – Call for pricing!

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